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Racine Bar Association poll finds Fredrickson more qualified for judge seat

“Racine County Bar Association members were asked to vote for the candidate they believe to be most qualified for the position, based on their personal knowledge, investigation or experience. Results showed that Fredrickson received 88 votes, while challenger McClendon received 10 votes.”

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Social Security and Divorce

“In the case of a currently married couple, only one spouse can claim spousal benefits. To do so, one spouse must file for Social Security benefits. Then the other can file "a restricted claim for spousal benefits" on the first spouse's record and collect half of the first spouse's FRA amount while their own benefit grows up to age 70, then switch to their own maximum benefit.” For the full article, please click here:

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Is Divorce Genetic?

“That the children of divorced parents are more likely, when they grow up, to get divorced themselves is well known. What is not known is how much this tendency is the result of nurture (with children manifesting, in later life, behaviors learned from their parents), and how much it is caused by nature (with children inheriting from divorced parents the sorts of genes that lead to marriage-breaking behavior).” For the full article, please click here:

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