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Dogs and Divorce

“Our pets are more like our kids than our property. The law doesn’t see it that way.”  For the full article, please click here:

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Leaving Bench

“Shirley Abrahamson — the first woman on the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a fixture of it for more than 40 years — won’t seek another term next year.” For the full article, please click here:

Divorce After 50

“Fifty-six percent of divorcees and widows discovered new financial wrinkles in the process of splitting up.” For the full article, please click here:

Controversial Child Support Proposal Dropped

“Officials in Gov. Scott Walker’s administration have dropped a controversial proposal to reduce the amount of money wealthy parents pay in child support.” For the full article, please click here:

Facebook Causing Divorce?

“Oh, and in case you’re interested: Every status you post on Facebook may be used against you in a court of law.” Please click here for the full article:

Social Security and Divorce

“In the case of a currently married couple, only one spouse can claim spousal benefits. To do so, one spouse must file for Social Security benefits. Then the other can file “a restricted claim for spousal benefits” on the first spouse’s record and collect half of the first spouse’s FRA amount while their own benefit […]

Confessions of a Divorce Lawyer

“Sheera Gefen, a divorce attorney in New York, says a big mistake people make in the divorce process is that they “think emotionally – which is not financially practical.” For the complete article, please click here:

Is Divorce Genetic?

“That the children of divorced parents are more likely, when they grow up, to get divorced themselves is well known. What is not known is how much this tendency is the result of nurture (with children manifesting, in later life, behaviors learned from their parents), and how much it is caused by nature (with children […]

More Divorces Coming Under New Tax Law?

“Lawyers are counseling couples considering divorce to do it this year — before a 76-year-old deduction for alimony payments is wiped out in 2019 under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” The full article can be found here:

New Tax Law and Alimony

“Currently, alimony is taxable for the recipient but not the payer. The spouse paying the alimony can deduct it from income before the adjusted gross income is figured. (This is known as an “above the line” deduction.) The recipient then pays taxes on the alimony received. Going forward, however, this would be reversed: Alimony will […]